Accompaniment in service

Our project focuses on supporting evangelists and pastors as they carry out their important ministry. We accompany and support them in many ways, be it through material help, prayers or advice. This project is especially close to our hearts because we have established a close relationship with them.

Especially in Argentina, we work closely with pastors who are active in the prisons and have direct contact with the inmates. These dedicated servants have devoted their lives to serving others, and we want to support them in their life’s work.

Our mission includes various forms of support. We ensure that evangelists and pastors receive the necessary material resources to carry out their ministry. We are aware of the challenges they face and want to provide them with encouraging tools.

Working with evangelists and pastors in prisons is of special importance to us. Their direct contact with the inmates enables them to have a positive impact on their lives. By supporting them, we help ensure that they are able to successfully carry out their ministry and offer a perspective of hope to the people they serve.