Support and hope

In the prisons of Los Olmos in Argentina, we offer our help and support to assist prisoners in difficult times and give them a perspective for a new life.

In cooperation with dedicated evangelists who also support our association, we regularly bring vital resources to the prisons. But our support goes beyond material goods. We respect and value the Christian faith that is alive in the hearts of many Los Olmos inmates. Therefore, the Christian message is also proclaimed there to offer them support and hope.

Each time we were present in the prison as an association, we were welcomed with singing and great joy. This warm welcome filled us with joy and made us feel a deep attachment to the inmates. The love we feel for them is immense.

We are aware that many inmates in Los Olmos pray and fast for Germany. This sincere attachment touches us deeply, and we want to show them that we have not forgotten them, even if we cannot always be physically present. Their prayers and fasting are a sign of trust and hope that we appreciate with the utmost respect.

Together with you, we want to build a bridge of solidarity and compassion. Our support in Los Olmos is not just a temporary gesture, but a long-term commitment. Through our shared love and dedication, we can give hope to the prisoners in Los Olmos and build a better future together.