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Amber Amber's Story:
Amber was born June 22, 2006, She was born with a rare genetic eye condition known as "Achromatopsia", leaving her visual acuity at 20/1600. Though she started out facing many delays and set backs while learning to adjust to her vision; through lots of determination and hard work she has turned her situation into something positive and has become an inspiration to others. Advocating and speaking up she is hard at work in making a difference in the world of the visually impaired. She has big dreams and an even bigger heart. At such a tender age she chooses to share her story with other's and often does so without even asking. She has a character out of this world and is quickly melting the hearts of those she meets. She isn't afraid to speak out in public and let someone know if and where Braille is needed. She also don't mind telling store owners if the Braille signs in the bathroom are too high! I call this adjusting the world to her size. Amber has made me so proud for all she has accomplished and I'm excited to see what Gods plan is for this special creation in life, and even prouder to say that she is my daughter, best friend and my hope and inspiration in life.

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